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Host A Memorable Outdoor Movie Night

Experiences are the new trend. Ask any millennial and they are sure to cite an endless list of places they want to go and things they want to do. Host a memorable outdoor movie night, It is no longer about having a sports car or a large television, but about creating memories that will last forever.


This is especially evident in the cinema, which is no longer limited to showing films in multiplexes. In recent years the craze for outdoor cinema has exploded, bringing people together to watch their favorite movies in parks or even boats. But this trend doesn’t end here: innovative entertainment companies like Mega Outdoor Movies are creating immersive events in many places bringing the film to life with actors, sets and music that transport viewers within the film itself.

Although living experiences seems to be almost mandatory, the truth is that they are not easy to find or cheap. Whether it’s because you couldn’t get the ticket you wanted so much or because you want to create an event at a more affordable price, how about creating an interactive cinema experience that allows your guests to take action?


Make your movie night a memorable experience with our guide.


Choose the best movie

This is not just any movie night. It’s a night to have a good time, so think about which movie will spark your guests’ imaginations the most. If you don’t know which one to choose, get inspired by other outdoor cinema events: classics like Back to the Future, Grease or Casablanca will surely work. Keep in mind the age of your guests, or if there are scenes that may hurt some people’s sensibilities.

Host A Memorable Outdoor Movie Night

Host A Memorable Outdoor Movie Night

Do the movie justice

If you want to impress your family and friends, a small screen is not going to help you. Let your film shine in all its glory with a 300-inch projector. Create a big screen for much less than a television of that size would be worth. In addition, with just one button you can adapt the size to the needs of your day to day. And you don’t have to worry about ambient light. Epson projectors can be used during the day, thanks to their emission of white light and colored light that guarantees bright and vivid colors.


All the senses

Get carried away by the movie and organize theme nights that awaken all the senses. Greet your guests with music that transports them directly to the movie: choose ABBA for Mamma Mia or some jazz if you’re going to see Chicago. And surprise their palates by serving drinks and an aperitif inspired by the movie: cocktails in the case of The Great Gatsby, or sweets with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


A space at the height

Even if you can’t recreate the whole set, think carefully about the best setting to watch the movie. For example, an attic or basement might be a good place to see Frankenstein. That’s the beauty of a projector: mobile models can be transported from place to place, allowing you to create unusual settings for your film sessions.


Share the moment

It won’t be an exciting experience if you don’t share it. Generate curiosity among your guests, either with photos or with clips of your favorite scenes. Prepare an area to take photos with thematic background and share it on your favorite social network.


Sit back and relax

Comfort is vital to creating the perfect setting for a movie night. Have it all planned. Make sure the space is appropriate and comfortable. Put poufs or cushions, you can store them when you are not using them. And don’t forget the blankets if it’s cold!

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