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Install Mega Movie Screens at Best Prices

We install indoor and outdoor permanent movie screens for high end residential and
commercial. Our professional team can install screens and AV in anything from homes to shopping malls to hotels to apartment buildings, office buildings and condominiums.

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Installation of Movie Screens

Professional Installation of Movie Screens

We specialize in the installation of movie screens, offering services on both small and larger scales. From your room to your backyard, we have it all covered. With us, you can organize small personal as well as larger corporate events. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch asap! Collaborating with the world’s largest builder of commercial drive-in movie theaters, we determined all of the parameters needed to deliver an optimal audience experience. We then developed a proprietary frame design with two positions for the screen: high (for drive-ins) and low (for regular movies in the park). Now, we can finally offer screens which always place the image at the ideal height regardless of your setup. Our experienced professionals can help you with outdoor movie screen installation, turning your dream movie setup into a reality and creating a magical movie experience for you and all your guests.

Wide Variety of Screen Sizes Available To Ensure A Perfect Fit For You

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Movie Screens

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Installation of Movie Screens
Cine Cart

Add our proprietary CineCart™ pre-wired portable projection console with digital cinema-quality DLP™ imaging (the movie theater standard for real digital cinema), optional upgrades to 4K/8K, Ultra Blu-Ray Disc player, pre-show multimedia player, 4K UHD video matrix switch, LED preview monitor, stereo audio mixer, microphone, and your choice of theater-quality speakers, FM transmitter, assistive listening for the hearing impaired and/or “silent cinema” wireless audio headset systems.

  1. Drive-in audio transmitter, 1000′ range (suitable for 500+ vehicles)
  2. 13.3″ preview monitor, to manage playback before dark
  3. High definition DLP projector with laser, 4K, 8K, and DCI-compliant digital cinema upgrade options
  4. Wired or wireless microphone for pre-show announcements
  5. Flexible USB-powered LED worklight, to illuminate equipment after dark
  6. Professional, easy-to-use six-input stereo audio mixer
  7. Multimedia player for pre-show music, slideshows and videos
  8. Video switcher for seamless shows, supports up to 4K/UHD
  9. Ultra Blu-Ray Disc player with 4K/UHD video and analog stereo audio output
  10. Accessories drawer(s), to make sure remotes and other accessories don’t get lost
  11. Detachable rolling storage base, makes transportation easier than ever
  12. Quick-store cord reels, for fast and tangle-free storage of power and audio cables
  13. Tripod antenna and RF cable, to minimize signal interference
  14. All-terrain foam-filled tires on shock-absorbing casters, to protect sensitive electronics
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