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The Biggest, Brightest & Best Picture!

Experience our incredible state of the art inflatable movie screens where it will leave you in awe. They can be as large as 52 feet! That’s close to the height of a 4 story building and is more than 5 NBA basketball goals stacked on top of each other! And if you’re looking for a smaller screen for a more intimate backyard event or a smaller professional gathering, we have screens as small as 12 feet wide.

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What We Do?

We manufacture, sell and rent the very best and highest quality inflatable movie screens in the industry. We have over 10 years experience sourcing, analyzing and testing various weights and types of vinyl and manufacturing processes and the result is a robust best-in-class screen that creates the Wow! Factor when it inflates and works every single time. We use a bottom-weighted continuous airflow system (not a sealed air system) with heavy-duty stabilizing straps that anchor the screen for added stability outdoors.
Over 10 years of experience have helped us to fine-tune what we feel is a nearly perfected inflatable screen. The fabric type, elasticity, tension, brightness, translucency and optical reflectivity all impact the visual experience and we’ve tried it all (or almost all)! We hope you can leverage our experience and enjoy an outstanding viewing experience.

Outdoor Movie Projector Screen Rental
Inflatable movie screens

For You

Are you a production company responsible for providing displays at a major concert, a screening at Burning Man or a major film festival with thousands of attendees with multiple screens all needing to be interlinked and in synch? No problem, we’ve got the screens for you! Just ask us.
Are you organizing a movie for a school, corporate event or a city or county movie in the parks series? No problem, we’ve got the screens for you! Just ask us.
Having a few family members over to watch a classic or does one of your children want to have a slumber party in the backyard and watch a scary movie with a few friends? No problem, we’ve got the screen for you! Just ask us.
Whether on grass, on the beach, in an arena, stadium, park or on the school playground, we’ve been there and done that. We’ve got you covered! Just ask us.

Wide Variety of Screen Sizes Available To Ensure A Perfect Fit For You


12’X9’ Screen

Up to 75 guests. Starting at: $499


16’X9’ Screen

Up to 250 guests. Starting at: $699


20’X12’ Screen

Up to 500 guests. Starting at: $999


26’X15’ Screen

Up to 750 guests. Starting at: $1499


30’X17’ Screen

Up to 1,000 guests. Starting at: $2199


40’X20’ Screen

Up to 3,000 guests. Starting at: $2999

screen mega

50’X29’ Screen

Up to 5,000 guests. Starting at: $5999

Why Utilize Outdoor Screen Section

Our projector-screen pairs have been vetted by our Chief AV Officer, Scott Talal, a 30+ year outdoor movie aficionado and the founder and director of the Malibu Film Festival. We use a proprietary ultra-white specialized display surface that is used in movie production to project images on during major motion picture filming. Front and rear projection are both available and for front projection, a lightweight opaque solid black backing is used in order to nearly eliminate light from the rear, thereby brightening the picture, especially when it is not yet fully dark outside.
We offer high definition (HD) DLP projectors with laser, 4k, 8k and DCI-compliant digital cinema upgrades available. DLP is the movie theater standard for real digital cinema. Our projectors’ lumen ratings (brightness) can exceed 20,000 lumens for the top-of-the-line viewing experience, but the majority of our customers choose a 5,500 to 7,500 lumens projector and rave about the sharpness, clarity and brightness.

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