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Setup An Outdoor Movie In Your Home

Without a doubt, the gardens and terraces become an excellent alternative to enjoy on summer nights. Setup An Outdoor Movie In Your Home, You can organize a dinner, a small meeting with friends or family while taking advantage of the coolest corner of the house. And why not try enjoying a movie outdoors? Whether you want your date to be perfect or if you want to organize a fun family night, following these tips and tricks you will enjoy an outdoor cinema experience to remember.


  1. Get a projector

The most important item on your magic list for creating your own outdoor theater is the projector. Moving the television outside may be a temporary solution, but you won’t get the full experience (plus, you could turn your back on you). If you are thinking of buying a projector, check its lumen output, that is, how much light it will produce and project onto a surface. As a general rule, the darker the environment, the less lumens are required. However, if you plan to use the projector before sunset or live in an area with a lot of outside lighting, it would be better to increase the amount of lumens.



  1. Display settings

Once you have chosen the projector, you will need a ‘screen’ on which to see everything. The goal is to find a white surface, which will offer you the best viewing experience, as the projector will reflect the light onto your ‘screen’ so that you can see the content. Darker surfaces reflect less light, making the image harder to see.

To save costs, you can take out your inner handyman and use a large white sheet or even paint a wall or a large flat surface (like a piece of plywood, which you can get at your local hardware store). If you end up opting for a beige surface, no problem; but be sure to avoid patterned surfaces ( animal print and polka dots, better for another occasion!)

Setup An Outdoor Movie In Your Home

Setup An Outdoor Movie In Your Home


3. Choose the right place


As with a home, location matters. Choosing the best place for your outdoor cinema is important , and it can be where you least imagine:

How much space do you have? Depending on the number of people you are inviting, make sure they all fit in the seating area without physical barriers (for example, trees, outdoor dining areas, etc.). To determine the ideal viewing distance between the audience and the screen, do these simple checks: If you have trouble reading the text on the screen, you may be too far away, whereas if you constantly move your head from left to right when looking at the screen, you’re probably too close

Does the WiFi work? If you plan to project streaming content , check if your WiFi signal works in the chosen area. Here are some simple tips:

-If you have a dual band router , be sure to select the 2.4 GHz signal, which has a greater range compared to the 5 GHz band. If you can, move the router closer .

-If all else fails, consider buying a WiFi signal repeater or use your smartphone as a connection point.

-Another option is to check if your provider offers an offline download option and save the movie to your playback device before starting the projection

Electricity: There aren’t always outdoor power supplies, but don’t let that limit your outdoor theater setup; Consider using an extension cord. This is how almost any area will work for you

Don’t have a backyard? Do not worry. If you don’t have one or it seems small, you can use the front garden, especially if you have a garage. Of course, take into account the outdoor lighting and streetlights, as well as the noise from the street.


  1. Turn off the lights

Unwanted light can distract us when we watch a movie. Before starting the event, follow these tips (a flashlight will not hurt)

Turn off the lights in the house , any outside lights and the garden beacons. This will not only free your field of vision from unwanted distractions, but also prevent unwanted light from reflecting off the screen.

Make sure the motion detection lights are off, especially since people are going to be in and out of the house.

If your sprinkler system has a control panel with LED lights, make sure it is hidden or covered. You will thank us, especially if you opt for a horror movie.

And speaking of sprinklers, if they have a timer, remember to turn them off so your movie night doesn’t turn into a new version of Singing in the Rain .


  1. Minimize sound problems

Of course, you want your movie to sound as good as it looks, so although many projectors have built-in speakers, you can enhance your experience by pairing it with an external audio device such as a portable Bluetooth speaker or sound bar.

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