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Outdoor Movies In Your Car Now


Yes, there are summer cinemas , which open when the heat starts to heat up and it’s nice to be outside watching a movie and having a soda in the middle of a park, Outdoor movies in your car now, which is where they usually are.


Watching the movie from inside the car is not the same. It seems clear that for couples it is ideal, because in the end the cabin is like a redoubt of privacy that allows you almost everything, as long as you do not bother others, of course. All this made us wonder, long before the coronavirus , if, in reality, a drive-in movie is a good plan to go with children , so we decided to take the test, because, a priori, it did seem like a good plan.

In addition, the coronavirus crisis has turned this and other similar spaces into an ideal space to “go to the movies” in a safe and controlled environment such as the family car … and that control, in times of coronavirus , is a luxury.


The Management And Issues

The moment of the projection arrives, everyone gets into their cars. On the screen appear drive-in promotions, warnings and, finally, the frequency on which you have to turn on the radio to listen to the movie . We tune it in and the truth is that it sounds very good. If you have to get out of the car during the screening, there are speakers in the restaurant and service areas so you don’t lose the thread of the story.

Until then, the theater has lighting, but when the movie starts, the lights go out . Inside the car, if it is modern, the radio screen remains illuminated, but it does not disturb too much. Around you you see the other cars, some of them are a bit annoying because you can’t help but look at them instead of concentrating on the screen.

We went on a hot day and we had the windows down , like almost everyone else, so we listened to the comments of those next to us, a kiss or cuddle if it was a couple … People are less silent, because, being inside from the car, they feel isolated and do not seem to see others. Rolling up the window is not an option, because the engines must be off, so the air conditioning does not work and you roast.

In fact, some cars cannot listen to the radio without having the engine running and you can hear them trying to turn the ignition on and then off. That distracts you a bit from what you’re seeing.

Outdoor Movies In Your Car Now

Outdoor Movies In Your Car Now

From the back seat, children put their heads together in the central area to lean out and see the screen (the front headrests do not let them see). Although it is hot , the air conditioning cannot be turned on ; We imagine that, in winter, especially if the film is long, it will be cold, because you can’t turn on the heating either , so take a blanket or something to wrap yourself up.

An outdoor cinema gives you things that the normal experience does not , such as:


If the experience takes place in a drive-in movie, you are in the privacy of your car to watch the movie.

  • Bring the food and drinks that you want.
  • You enjoy the outdoors and, depending on the season, you can enjoy the cool of summer nights , or enjoy a blanket and hot drinks to guard against the cold.
  • The whole family can be accommodated as they please, without being limited to one row of seats.
  • When you enjoy it at home, you have control of which movies you put on, and you can pause or play as often as necessary.

Currently there are not many drive-in cinemas, however it is very easy to set up an outdoor cinema at home, you only need a white wall, speakers and a projector to enjoy the experience as a family.

Please stay tuned to our website megaoutdoormovies to get the latest and exciting posts!

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