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There are several types of open-air projection screens available, including retractable, folding, tripods, and inflatable screen. Each style of the screen is suitable for different types of outdoor conditions.

Inflatable ScreenInflatable screens

As the name suggests, inflatable screens are the ones that can be blown up into a huge movie screen.

For your outdoor movie nights, inflatable outdoor projector screens are a perfect choice. They provide enormous size, stability, and convenience. These air-filled screens provide excellent visual quality and are constructed of weather-resistant materials.

Inflatable movie screens come in a variety of sizes and hence can fit your backyard no matter how small or how large it is. 

Not just that, inflatable movie screens are also very affordable if you go for movie screen rental.

Retractable outdoor screens

A permanently placed retractable projector screen is the ideal choice for people who enjoy family movie evenings on a deck or patio.

You can roll down an outdoor manual or motorized projection screen to watch a movie and then roll it back up then you’re done.

The best part of retractable outdoor screens is that they may be left outside in all weather. The cable guides and weighted dowels on these outdoor retractable screens provide optimal stability even in windy conditions.

Foldable projector screens

These are the ideal choice if you are looking for something temporary and easy. All you have to do is unfold the screen, attach the surface material and legs, and then project your favorite blockbuster movie.

These are usually made of lightweight materials like aluminum poles for portability. Foldable frame projector screens are a great option if you are looking for something budget-friendly and something that’s temporary.

But one downside of foldable screens is that as they are lightweight, outdoor conditions are often not suitable for them. For example, it will tilt over if the weather is breezy.

Inflatable ScreenTripod projector screen

They are very similar to foldable screens. Tripod screens are set up on a tripod and are very budget-friendly. But one downside of tripod screens is that setting up a tripod movie projector screen can be a bit tricky in the beginning.

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