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As a parent, you have to take care of many things for your children, the least of which is their choice of entertainment and food. For the entertainment side of things, you can simply get a projector and screen rental, and you’re set. But what about the food? Because you can be very sure that if a movie were playing, they’d need a massive amount of snacks to accompany it. So, as you read a selection of movies to be played for your next family movie night, plan ahead for the snack portion of the evening as well to make sure all those kiddies don’t stuff themselves with junk to make them sick. 

projector and screen rentalFirstly, the choice of snacks should definitely be non-fattening, so even if you were to binge on them, you wouldn’t feel too guilty. One excellent albeit very common healthy food option would be popcorn. As a movie snack, popcorn’s popularity is unparalleled. There is a reason why most movie-goers choose a bucket of these delicious morsels as they enter a theatre. But even if you don’t go to one and instead just get a projector and screen rental, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy these at home. While getting popcorn, you can either get a pre-made one, where you just open the packet up and dig on, or you could make it at home. The perk of getting ready-to-eat popcorn is the sheer variety in terms of flavors, where you can get caramel, chocolate, or classic cheese. You cannot go wrong if you choose popcorn as it has less than 100 calories/serving.

If you do plan on going all out for special occasions and get a projector screen rental, you might want to see it all the way through. And that includes making sure movies, food, decor, everything is top-notch. And while talking about food, you would definitely not wish to skip dessert; otherwise, there would be a rebellion on your hands. The general consensus may be ice cream, but a healthier choice would be yogurt. Sure, it is not as thick and creamy as your ice creams, but it contains many health-beneficial active cultures. Not to mention it is not fattening yet fulfills the craving for something cold and creamy.

projector and screen rentalWhile watching a movie, people like to munch, and most often than not, that tends to be chips that are extremely unhealthy. But what else is there to combat the crispiness of some store-bought chips? Kale crisps, of course! This superfood may have been overlooked for many years, but now it has become very popular for the health benefits it provides, and rightly so. So, as you set up your projector and screen rental, toss some kale in a heated saucepan with low-fat oil, add a pinch of salt to it, and voila, your crisps are ready. 

Now that you know of some good alternatives to regular junk food for your projector screen rental party taking care of your family’s health during movie marathons should be easy. 

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