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Can you imagine that after months organizing the most important event of the year for your company, the audio equipment does not work, there is not enough light in the room or you do not have enough seats for all the attendees? Organization of an event is very important, If you don’t want to make these mistakes, keep reading this post.

As we have been advising you on this blog, when organization of an event, it is important not to leave anything to improvisation. One of the things that we follow is in organizing events is planning. And precisely, an essential aspect in planning an event is production.

The production of events encompasses all the procedures prior to the event with the main objective of preparing all the necessary resources that compose it. It is the part that takes care of the logistics of the event itself, from the smallest details to the largest.

If you want your event to be a success, it is important to establish the specific needs from the beginning and calculate and anticipate the costs that they will entail.


The organization of an event has three necessary phrases: pre-production, event production and post-event.

organization of an event

organization of an event


Once we have defined the objectives and the type of event that we are going to organize, we must analyze and detect the needs that may arise so that the day of the event does not miss any details. It is important to establish a list of necessary materials, services and products and start with the hiring of them.

Visit the venue of the event and write down everything you will need on the day of the event. Such as infrastructures, assembly and disassembly, security, cleaning, sound and lighting, accommodation, permits, communication, and a long list of services that are required for the same event.

We advise you to include each of these needs in a global budget for the event, so it will be easier for you to keep track of them.



After analyzing the needs of the event, the next step is to coordinate the technical and human team that will work in the organization of the event. In organization of an event, We must bear in mind that production does not begin and end on the same day as the event, but begins once the needs have been detected and will conclude after the dismantling of the space.

In this phase, we will carry out the designs; the hiring of furniture, technical means, hostesses and a transport and assembly company; and the production of signage, posters and merchandising, among many other needs.

Once everything is ready, it’s time to assemble! To avoid running out of time, it is important that we start a few days before the event.

We recommend that you carry out several tests with the technical teams to detect possible errors and avoid setbacks.



After the event is over, our work is not done. It is time to do all the inverse tasks to those of the assembly. That is, we will proceed to disassemble the equipment and materials used. It is also the time to take care of administration-related issues: payments, final reports, etc.

If you have organized an event you already know that the moments before and during the event are very stressful, even so, in front of your guests, offer an image of calm and security. Organization of an event, And don’t forget that you can always hire a trusted company to help you with all the details of your celebration like Mega Outdoor Movies Good luck!

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