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Saying goodbye to someone you love is incredibly hard. One of the ways to cope with grief is to find ways of keeping your loved one’s memory alive. In this article, we will look at 5 meaningful ways of remembering a loved one.

  1. Plant a Tree in Their Memory

One lasting way of remembering a loved one is to plant a tree in their honor. Plant it in a spot that has meaning, or is a particularly beautiful place. You can even have a tree planted in a national forest in your loved one’s name.

A tree is a long-lasting, living legacy that will grow bigger and stronger over the years. This company allows you to plant your loved one’s ashes in a biodegradable urn that grows a tree. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the cycle of life, as well as a way to give back to nature.  

  1. Wear a Piece of Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry is a meaningful way of remembering a loved one, and it looks beautiful, too. Wearing memorial jewelry is a way to keep your loved one’s memory with you at all times. You can put a tiny photo of them in a locket to wear around your neck or wear a piece of jewelry inscribed with their name.

If you want to make your loved one’s memorial extra special, you can turn their cremation ashes into a diamond. That’s right, a real diamond. This can be passed down through generations as a precious heirloom.

Remembering a Loved One Who Has Passed Away

  1. Create a Memorial Scrapbook

Making a memory book, also called a memorial scrapbook, is a wonderful way to keep your loved one’s memory alive. It will be something you can keep forever, show to your grandchildren, and look at when you miss them the most. What’s more, the art of scrapbooking can be meditative and healing.

You can include precious photographs of your loved one at different periods of their life, pieces of fabric from their clothing, meaningful quotes, old love letters, and more. If you like, you can get family and friends involved in the process by having them contribute ideas and photos.

  1. Commission a Painted Portrait

Do you know someone who is a talented painter? Ask them if you could commission them to paint a beautiful portrait of your loved one. They can base it on a cherished photograph. Hanging the painting in your home is a powerful way of remembering your loved one.

  1. Make Beautiful Glass Art From Their Ashes

Talented glassblowers are able to infuse their hand-blown glass with ashes, creating beautiful and priceless pieces of cremation glass art. These are pieces you can display in your home as a way of remembering a loved one.

There are quite a few types of hand-blown cremation glass art pieces to choose from. You could get a votive for holding a candle’s soft light, a vase for holding fresh bouquets all year round, or a set of touchstones that you can keep in your pocket.

In Conclusion

There’s one thing for sure: your loved one’s memory will live on in your heart forever. These meaningful ways of remembering a loved one will help you celebrate their memory. 

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