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The event ended smoothly, all the audio and video equipment gave their best performance, the audience was happy, the staff was happy, and you are happy! All’s well that ends well, but what about the things that come after that? Not to discourage but you still have a lot on your plate. There’s the cleaning of the venue, packing up the equipment, paying the staff, and the scariest part, cleaning the projector screen and outdoor movie theater.

The Inflatable Projector Screen you used was the main star of the event and you absolutely cannot leave it hanging there for the small animals and winds to tear it apart. You need to carefully dismount it and clean it to not leave any scratches, tears, or stains on it. And to do that you must know how to clean it properly.

But don’t worry because I am here to give you simple instructions on how to clean an outdoor movie theater rental easily and efficiently. So get your pair of latex gloves and let’s get it over with!

Outdoor Movie Theater

First- Dust it off

It’s what the name suggests: try to dust the screen with a dry piece of cloth but be careful! Any harsher than required and you might open the screen to the potential risk of scratches. Find the spots which have lumps of dust accumulated on it and try to get them off as much as you can.


Second- Spray it down

Take a spray bottle; fill it up with warm water and spray that screen down. Use of detergent or any other cleanser can cause your screen to lose its colors so it is advised to use just water only.


Third- Warm water and rag will do the job

Once you spray the screen, spray some water on a clean cloth, and wipe the whole Inflatable Projector Screen with it. Add a bit more pressure on the areas with tough stains and built-up dirt and change the rag if needed.


Forth- Dry it off

Once you are done cleaning with the wet rag and you are sure that not even a speck of dirt remains on the screen you need to take a dry rag. What you need to do now is wipe the whole thing down once again to make sure the water dries off the surface and the screen is as good as new.

Outdoor Movie Theater

Fifth and final step- Storage

We will end the process by folding the projector screen nicely if possible. Doing this will help to ensure that the screen stays damaged and dust free and be ready whenever you need it next.


Too much work?

Well, no doubt it is simple but a time-consuming process especially for those who are already too busy with their lives to make time for all this, or spend their weekend on such a mundane task. If you also think the same then there is a simple 4 worded answer to your problem- outdoor movie screen rentals. That’s right, when you rent a screen it is the company’s headache to do all the above-mentioned processes so why not skip the trouble and choose the more convenient and affordable option?

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