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Are you Setting up an outdoor movie theater for an upcoming event and need guidance with the process? Then this post can be your checklist. Refer to the following steps to make the installation easy.

Projector Screen

Start with a curtain if you don’t have one you can use any Inflatable Projector Screen that rental businesses offer. To install the curtain you will need a place to house many people at once. In case you intend to host many guests you will need to seek a large empty ground as you have to keep some distance between the screen and the sitting area. Having a proper distance between the two is important for the best viewing condition.

Also, make sure that the projector screen rental you choose is crystal clean and doesn’t have any creases to work as an ideal display.

Outdoor Movie TheaterProjector

After the screen comes the movie projector, obviously you can’t miss this one because it is the brain of the whole event. And just any projector is OK to use in your event, the power of the projector depends on the location. For a day event, you will require a high-resolution projector to tackle the daylight and project proper contrast on the screen. But for evening events a projector with a little less resolution also works given the lights you are using to light up the event are not that strong.

To make sure you have the right projector for your event you can visit Mega Outdoor Movies, talk to the staff and choose the best movie projector rental for your event.


Although almost every projector rental in San Diego comes with a battery, in case you have your curtain or the screen doesn’t come with a battery to operate it, you’ll have to get a mobile charging station to support the projector.


If the projector is the brain, audio is the heart of any movie theater hence having the best quality audio system will help the guests to connect more with the movie. Especially if it’s going to be horror movie night because you might not know but many horror movies use sounds of about 20-hertz threshold also known as sub-bass to create deep rumblings which send chills down your spine.

Although you can use the audio devices available to you for the event I recommended getting some Audio Equipment Rental to give a more lively feeling to the event.

Outdoor Movie TheaterContent

Don’t push the content for the last moment, many people tend to do that and oftentimes run into difficulties that cause delays. This can set the whole event in a bad mood which is not preferable especially if you want your guests to be entertained. So make sure you have the content downloaded and ready to use. You can also keep the same content in a spare USB as a backup.

Final words

Managing an event is a big deal and you need to be prepared for any difficulties that come your way because the show must go on. To get some references or to buy Outdoor Movie Theater rental you can visit Mega Outdoor Movies.

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