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The good weather begins, the daylight hours begin to lengthen and more and more people want to meet friends and family outdoors. In addition, the wedding and communion season begins, and it is time to decide how and where to organize civil receptions and ceremonies. Pros and cons of outdoor events, If you are seriously considering doing it outdoors, we will try to help you make the decision by offering you a list of pros and cons.




An environment of 10

Implementing your event in the middle of nature gives a very romantic and chic touch, as well as giving a feeling of freedom. In particular, as far as weddings are concerned, the altars and corridors manage to create a very emotional atmosphere among guests that will make your wedding go to the memory of all.



An outdoor event allows a wide range of possibilities in terms of decoration. In addition, it offers greater freedom, since in closed spaces the possibilities are reduced depending on the architecture and style of the place.


The photograph

Nothing like natural light to ensure some magazine photos. If good weather accompanies your event, we guarantee that both you and your guests will take the best pictures you can take.

Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Events

Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Events



The Meteorology

The quintessential problem of all outdoor events. It will depend on the weather of the area where you organize the event and the time of year in which you do it, but you have to take it into account if you do not want your event to be a disaster. It is advisable to have a plan B prepared, such as a tent or a closed area where you can move your event in case of inclement weather, such as rain or wind. Pros and cons of outdoor events, If your event is going to last all day or night, you must have shaded areas or stoves prepared to ensure the comfort of the guests throughout the event.


Spring and pollen

If you are going to celebrate your event in the middle of spring, the place will look beautiful and flowery, but if you have guests allergic to pollen they will remember your event as a fatal experience. If you can, make sure you don’t have guests with a pollen allergy from the venue where you’re hosting your event. The grasses, the plane tree, the olive tree, the birch, the parietaria and the palm tree are the most common allergies. If you know of guests with allergies to any pollen in the area, warn them in advance and have a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages prepared in your catering, since allergy sufferers cannot consume it if they are being treated with antihistamines.


Be careful with the food

If you are going to hold a catering outdoors, you must take into account that depending on what food it will spoil quickly: the puff pastry will dry out, the mayonnaise will go bad and the ice in the drinks will melt quickly. Also, unwanted guests, such as flies or wasps, are likely to appear. Keep all these aspects very present in the organization of the catering and make sure that the food is treated at the right temperature until the moment it is consumed. You must find a way to keep them away by placing some repellent on the tables, such as laurel, jasmine, lemon or citronella.


Other drawbacks

We all like the sun and grass, but it can be a problem in your event if it lasts a long time or if there are no designated areas for guests. Pros and cons of outdoor events, We can assure you that there is nothing more uncomfortable than stepping on the grass in heels or spending 3 hours in the sun. However, you can offer solutions to your guests such as putting containers with sunglasses, hats or protectors for the heels.

In short, if you are thinking of organizing your event outdoors, it is necessary to take into account the inconveniences and be prepared for all of them. It is also important to take into account that this will mean a higher cost of the event, although we are sure that the result will be worth it.

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