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Projector or TV? that’s the question and surely many of you have got asked yourself the identical thing at some point. The reality is that it should seem easy to answer but no. I am unable to say exactly which is that the best choice. Projector Or Television?, Not without some additional information.

Both one option and also the other provide a series of benefits and downsides that rely upon many factors when deciding whether to be a projector or a television.


Does a projector replace a television?


I think this can be the primary question we should always ask ourselves. I actually don’t think that either product will be a substitute for the opposite . On the opposite hand, I do think that they’re complementary. Reason why it’s common to determine many users who have a projector within the front room and also a television.

But because the current economy isn’t for several expenses and therefore the idea is to “choose” between one and also the other, let’s have a look at points that may make us tip the balance to at least one side.

Projector Or Television?

Projector Or Television?

Advantages and downsides of the projector versus the TV:

More inches with the projector, having the ability to determine a picture of as an example 40 or 100 inches betting on the space from the screen or area where we project.

With a retractable screen and a projector that we will place on the ceiling and even hide it during a piece of furniture, we are going to gain space within the lounge . Additionally to a more open space.

If you prefer to enjoy the authentic house experience, a projector is right.

But not all are advantages, there are points that represent a drawback before of a television:


  • Turning on is slower than that of a television.
  • The lamp life is shorter than that of a TV panel.
  • For the projector we are going to must control the sunshine within the room. In most cases, leave it within the dark to enjoy better contrast.
  • To see the DTT channels better the TV. The ignition is quicker and that we won’t need to put the space within the dark.
  • If you’re searching for a sensible TV system, a television is best. Although there are already models that include like the LG Laser TV.


My choice criteria


If you prefer good cinema, a projector is right. You’ll also enjoy football matches or other sporting events with him. And if we add a decent electronic equipment, you may be facing the identical experience that you simply will board the cinema or better in some cases.

Of course, to create use of an oversized screen size, greater than 60 inches. If the space isn’t very large, no problem due to short-throw projectors just like the Sony VPL-BW120S . additionally, you’ll have a way more open and picked up space (room or living room). It is Important that the resolution of the projector is Full High Definition HD.

And if you would like to observe television you’ll choose, within the front room or another passing room, a tiny low inch television. Over enough to look at the news.


If, on the opposite hand, you’re visiting use it as you utilize your current television, don’t opt ​​for a projector. The lamp will fail sooner and replacing it’s not cheap. Additionally, the ignition is far slower, you’ll should seek for a model with a tuner or place an external DTT. The TV will allow you greater contrast and definition no matter the sunshine within the room. The new Smart TVs include options like DLNA support, internet access, apps, etc.

Therefore, consider the utmost size of inches that you simply can enjoy. If it’s to look at a sporting event or some movies or series every week and you’ll prepare a well-equipped room, I’d choose the projector. If on the contrary it will not be like that, you wish to continue watching DTT channels, play the console and have it on for several hours each day, better a television.

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