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Halloween is that night of the year when you can go all-out spooky and people will just shrug it off. And most people see this as an opportunity to throw the best parties in order to try and scare their friends. And to do that, what you need is backyard movie party rentals to get that snazzy professional outcome. But that’s a given when you want to throw an outdoor movie party on Halloween, complete with eerie horror movies! So, let’s get into the ideas that might help your party become the best one.

First things first, decorations. So if the theme of your party is Halloween movie night, videos and spookiness are your basic requirements. Starting with your backyard, as that is where the Outdoor movie projector screen will set up the projection devices, so you must make sure your backyard matches the theme. An excellent way to go about it is to put googly eyes on the shrubs, making them look like crawly monsters. If your backyard is particularly big with trees around, fake spider webs are just the thing to choose for that effortless yet uncanny look. For those who are environmentally conscious, you can cut out milk jugs and string them up for the cutest of skeletons around your yard. With some fake gravestones littering about and pumpkin paper lanterns to offer light, your decor is good to go. Although if you are feeling a little extra, you can always use smoke machines for that oomph.

Outdoor movie projector screen

To provide the snacks and food on the other hand is relatively simple. A few little changes to already existing delicacies and you are set. For example, croissants with googly eyes make for excellent worms on a plate. A fruity dessert can be blueberry stuffed lychees swimming in pomegranate juice, the result of which is an eerie Eyeball Punch. Guacamole is a great accompaniment for Halloween, due to its color, it is used in various places to make smiling monsters. For the not-so-faint-of hearts, a meat and cracker platter may be arranged to look like a skeleton, complete with ribs and bones. And now that the food is taken care of, you can move on to the main event: the outdoor movie theater.

Well, if you have decided to get backyard movie party rentals, then all you have to do is choose the movie or movies you want to play. A great way to go about that is to play multiple movies in the increasing order of their scariness so there is a movie that suits everyone. The early evening show could be for the children, where you play the ever-hilarious yet spooky classic The Addams Family. The late-night feature movie could be a slasher flick like Scream or A Nightmare on Elm Street.

So, whatever you choose, however, you wish to have it if you want to throw a movie party in your backyard on Halloween, you couldn’t go wrong with choosing an amazing movie projector screen rental company like Mega Outdoor Movies for your backyard movie party rentals and accessories.

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