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Modern families nowadays have a new tradition of hosting their very own movie nights. Some are even looking for options to turn their backyard movie party rentals into an exciting outdoor movie theater or even an indoor movie screen.

But before you decide on whether you would go with an indoor or an outdoor movie theater, we have something to make your decision easier. 

Difference between outdoor movie theater and indoor movie watching

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that the indoor movie screen is different from outdoor screens. If you are planning to buy one for yourself then choose wisely.

The ideal condition for watching a projected movie indoors is a perfectly dark and controlled room. However, that’s often not the case for outdoor movie screenings because you cannot control the environment there. There will always be some light when you are planning for an outdoor movie. 

Keeping all these things in mind, outdoor movie screens are built differently than indoor movie screens.

Outdoor Movie screenBrightness

Outdoor movie projection screen require more attention since they must contend with harsh sunshine and other unpredictably changing environments that may cause the screen to become dull. 

On the other hand, interior projection screens are considerably safer and do not require weather considerations. They just need a low degree of brightness because they have a smaller audience than the previous one.

Screen resolution

Indoor projection screens, which are typically intended to be viewed from a shorter distance, require higher resolutions for optimal quality.

Whereas, outdoor projection screens are usually viewed from a long distance and can rely on lower resolutions with little compromise in visibility.

Outdoor Movie screenThe durability of the projector screen

Outdoor projection screens are comparatively more durable than indoor movie screens. They can withstand various unpredictable environments and are exposed to sunlight, humidity, etc.

So, before buying or renting a movie screen choose wisely depending on what kind of movie experience are you looking for. 

For your convenience, we have both indoor display screens as well as outdoor inflatable movie screens. So without further delay, book your movie screen for that unmatchable blockbuster experience you deserve.


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