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Choosing A Projector Screen

Picking a projection screen can be moderately simple or exceptionally convoluted, however it is essential on the grounds that as indicated by the decision we make, our experience will be better or more regrettable. Choosing a projector screen, There are numerous variables that cause us to pick one. Obviously, continually considering the monetary. All things considered, we will keep on taking a gander at some basic advances that will help us realize which is the best projection screen.

For a decent projection, notwithstanding the projector, it is fundamental to pick the right projection screen. A white background surface will help to see our content optimally. We have made a compilation of tips to follow when buying screens according to the desired use.


Types of screens that exist

  • Screens Fixed projection : They are screens that have to be fixed to the wall , and do not move from there. If the projector is always placed in the same place, such as classrooms, meeting rooms and other professional occasions, it is ideal. Choosing a projector screen, Within these, since 4 corners are fixed, they are completely fixed. Those fixed brackets on top can cause them to roll up (in the classroom, the teacher usually pulls the washer down to extend it and extend the support force). Or the electric projection screens, they are equipped with a remote control, which can be raised or lowered according to our preferences.
  • Portable displays : They usually come with a tripod for attachment and can be rolled up or folded over for storage in their boxes. Choosing a projector screen, We can also find them by the name folding screen. They are perfect if the projector will not be in a fixed installation and we plan to move it to different rooms. Like a mini projector, for example.
    Choosing A Projector Screen

    Choosing A Projector Screen

What is the proper size?

It might likewise be self-evident, yet the proper angle proportion ought not be missed. It relies upon the utilization we are giving the projector, and the local arrangement that we have decided for it, we will have:

Home theater: 16: 9 wide arrangement. By far most of content that we view will have this HD design . In this manner, it is ideal for homegrown use. What’s more, these screens ordinarily accompany a dark line that goes about as an edge with a twofold capacity. Choosing a projector screen, On the one hand it permits a right situating of the projection, and on the other it helps the view by delimiting the projected picture.

Proficient use : 4: 3 arrangement. Basically on the grounds that it is the arrangement utilized for introductions. Also, the one utilized by PCs. In numerous rooms we actually see screens with a 1: 1 proportion ( square arrangement ), however it will consistently be more fitting to utilize a similar screen design as the projection.

What amount distance is vital?

Legitimate establishment of your projection screen fluctuates by model in cost and technique. Knowing the distance at which I should put the projector, or the width of the screen that I might want, we simply need to apply this basic recipe or rule of three

To put it plainly, goal:

  • 4K : distance = screen width x 1
  • Full HD : distance = screen width x 1.5
  • HD Ready/WXGA: distance = screen width x 1.8

How brilliant should the projector be?

All together for your picture to really show up on the screen, the projector needs adequate light yield. Simultaneously, the encompassing splendor of the spot of utilization is essential. Choosing a projector screen, For instance, the enlightenment of sunshine and encompassing light is 150-180 lux and 200-750 lux in a front room or office. To acquire a splendid, contrast-rich picture, the proportion of encompassing light at the area of the screen to the light yield of the projector ought to be 1: 5. C he more noteworthy for all time enlightened surface, the lower the light yield .

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