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Cheap Projection Screen

Are you passionate about movies, series or video games? Then you will like to enjoy it in a big way! But we already know that cinema … is not exactly cheap … So … Why not set up our own home theater? You will only need a good projector (you will know how to choose it thanks to our Projector Buying Guide 2021 ) and a projection screen.

In this guide to buying a projection screen we are going to focus on video projection screens. As you know there are different types of screens: the power , the manual , the fabrics projection , the screens with tripod , the portable displays and those of rear projection . Cheap projection screen, And here comes the question, with so many different types and so many models, which one should I choose? Well, don’t worry, from Cheap Projector we want to make your task easier, so we are going to explain the different types as well as the different measures.

Why do I need a projection screen? This question is important because you may not need it or yes … there are several ways to find out.

What use am I going to give it? It can be to enjoy your series and movies at home, to make business presentations or conferences in your office, to use outdoors, to offer the best football to your clients or to entertain your little ones. Cheap projection screen, This decision will also be influenced by the screen format (4: 3 or 16: 9). It is very important to be clear about this in order to rule out options.

What type of projector do I have? You should know what kind of native resolution your projector has. It can be SVGA, XGA, HD, FULL HD, or 4K.

How is the space that I have? You must be clear about the measurements that you have both in the gap of the screen and the distance from your projector. It is important in this sense to know if you are going to use it in the living room, in the office, outdoors, in a bar, etc. Why? Well, because the light conditions and the distances are not the same.

Cheap Projection Screen

Cheap Projection Screen

How much do I want to spend? This question is also important right?

Why should you ask yourself these questions? In this guide to buying a projection screen we explain it to you …

Need to have a projection screen:

It is necessary that you be clear about where you are going to carry out the projection because if in that space you have a white wall without obstacles, you may not need it unless you want to improve in quality since video projection screens have a black border that provides more contrast and therefore higher quality. Cheap projection screen, But it may also be that you do not have that space or that you have it but there is a television or a painting that you want to cover.

Screen uses:

If you are going to give it a professional use, for example, power point presentations in colleges or universities in this case, it is most likely that you need fixed screens since you will not need to transport them anywhere. But it may also be that you dedicate yourself to the world of coaching or the audiovisual world and you need to move your screen and your projector to make your presentations, in this case it is clear that you need a screen with a tripod .

For domestic use we normally resort to fixed screens since we usually install them in the living room or our leisure room, so in that case we would have to choose between fixed electric or manual ones.

This also influences the dimensions of the screen that we must choose. Cheap projection screen, As you know there are many measures (72 ”, 100”, 120 ”, 150”, etc) you must be very clear about the space you have available.

This decision also influences the format of our screen . The 16: 9 format is usually used more in domestic use since it is used more for watching series or movies and that content is usually found directly in that format. The 4: 3 format is the most used in the professional field since it is usually the format of presentation slides and computer screens.

Projector type:

It is necessary to know the native resolution that your projector has as it influences the format. If the resolution is SVGA or XGA the format will be 4: 3, if the resolution is 1280 x800 the format will be 16:10 and if it is HD, FULL HD or 4K you will need a 16: 9 screen

” Remember that the most optimal distance for the viewer will always be the width of the screen multiplied by two”

Space and dimensions

We already mentioned it in point 2. There are multiple screen sizes so we need to know which one is the right one for us. It depends on the screen that your projector makes at the distance you want to locate it. Cheap projection screen, If you still do not have a projector, we assure you first buy the projector and based on that and choose your screen.

Think about the budget you have, you already know that the more money you invest, the more functionalities both the screen and the projector will provide you, but don’t worry because in Cheap Projector we have many options with great quality and at very affordable prices.

We hope this guide to buying a projection screen has been helpful to you. Cheap projection screen, If you are already clear about which one you need, you just have to look for it in the following link.

Please stay tuned to our website megaoutdoormovies to get the latest and exciting posts!

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