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Looking to throw a birthday bash that’s sure to be a blockbuster hit? Mega Outdoor Movies has got you covered with our fantastic inflatable movie screens, perfect for any outdoor celebration! Here are 5 creative birthday party ideas to make your child’s special day unforgettable, featuring our drive-in movie theatre experience and backyard movie screen rental options!


drive-in movie theatre

1. Drive-in Movie Theatre Extravaganza

 Embrace the thrill of the track with a drive-in movie theatre party! Imagine rows of makeshift race cars crafted from cardboard boxes, parked in front of our inflatable screen. Complete the experience with drive-in snacks like hot dogs and nachos, while screening favorites like Disney’s Cars or The Fast and the Furious. It’s a surefire way to rev up the excitement!

  1. A Splashy Poolside Premiere

 Dive into fun with a poolside movie night! Let the kids lounge on pool floats with cup holders, drifting lazily as they watch their favorite films. Keep the aquatic theme alive with movies like Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, or even the daring classic, Jaws, for those brave souls. It’s a wet and wild cinematic experience like no other!

  1. Sing-Along Spectacular

 Unleash the inner diva with a sing-along extravaganza! Hook up a karaoke machine to our inflatable screen for a night of musical magic, or opt for movies with built-in sing-along versions like High School Musical, Grease, or the beloved Frozen. It’s a party where every guest gets to be a star!

  1. Superhero Costume Crusade

Let your little heroes soar with a superhero costume party! Whether they’re fans of DC or Marvel, they’ll love dressing up as their favorite characters and battling evil alongside friends. With blockbuster hits like The Avengers, The Incredibles, or Batman v. Superman on the big screen, it’s a heroic adventure they won’t soon forget!

  1. Memorable Movie Moments

Take a trip down memory lane with a personalized movie montage! Perfect for milestone birthdays like sweet 16s, showcase cherished memories with a slideshow of photos, videos, and favorite tunes. It’s a heartfelt celebration of the birthday boy or girl’s journey through life, surrounded by loved ones and laughter.


Once you’ve chosen the perfect birthday party theme, select the ideal size of our inflatable movie screen to accommodate your guest list. From intimate backyard gatherings to epic outdoor events, Mega Outdoor Movies has a screen size for every occasion! For more outdoor movie events and backyard movie screen rental options, contact us today, and let’s make your child’s birthday a cinematic sensation to remember!

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