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There’s nothing like the summertime drive-in movie! Grab a blanket and popcorn, and find a drive-in near you. Everyone loves the vintage atmosphere of drive-in movies. Nowadays, drive-in screens and sound are quite advanced. You will want to plan a trip to one of the drive-in theaters this year! You might even have a Backyard Drive-In Movie Party. Drive-ins are not just relics of the past. An average movie with snacks and drinks costs around $25 for a family of four. Next, here are a few tips for making your drive-in experience as enjoyable as possible.

Backyard Drive-In Movie Party

What’s Great About a Drive-In Movie?

  • It allows pets, grilling, and smoking.
  • It’s an experience you do not get too often.
  • It could be personal and can become a party.
  • It features two movies at once, making it twice as entertaining.
  • It’s also ridiculously cheap in comparison to chain movie theaters.
  • You can technically bring anything you want in – so you can even grab a pizza before going in. However, prices at the concession stand are low.

Tips for Having a Good Time at Your Drive-In Movie Theatre

These are 8 tips for an enjoyable first drive-in experience if you want to be comfortable and have fun.

  1. Dress Comfortably Drive-in movie theaters have a great advantage: Nobody will look at what you’re wearing. Put on your pajamas for a more comfortable experience. You can also dress up like one of the Avengers.
  2. Bring Bug Spray Since summer brings a lot of bugs, it’s important to bring bug spray. No matter whether you sit outside on your lawn chairs or roll the windows down, you’ll be outside for a few hours. Make sure you pack bug spray so that you don’t feel like you’re in the jungle while watching “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.”
  3. Take Comfortable Chairs Even if you plan to sit in your car or on a blanket, you may still want chairs. Sitting in the same place for two movies can prove uncomfortable. If you plan to sit in the back of a van, SUV, or truck, bring some blankets and pillows with you.
  4. Have Cash On Hand Just in Case While some drive-in movie theaters are closing during the pandemic, others are still serving food with limited capacity. Patrons must stand six feet apart and use different doors to enter and exit. Employees are also required to wear face masks.
  5. Make Sure to Adhere to The Rules Each drive-in theater has its own rules and regulations, so check the website for information about food/grills, dogs, and more. As of 2021, there will still be constraints in place to ensure there is plenty of room between cars, in lines, etc. Following these rules helps make sure theaters stay open.
  6. Get Your Tickets in Advance & Arrive Early Tickets for popular shows will sell out quickly, so get yours in advance! Some theaters may allow you to purchase reserved parking spots as well. Arrive early to get the best spot. If you arrive early, you will have the best choice of parking spots for trucks, SUVs, and vans.
  7. Take Your Own Radio & Extra Batteries It is highly encouraged to bring battery-operated radios to the drive-in movie theatre. Portable radios can save your car battery when used to tune into the movie’s sound. Pack a portable radio with extra batteries. Your car’s radio drains your battery since you need to stream the movie’s audio through it. You will also need a portable radio if you’re planning to set up chairs in your pickup bed or behind your vehicle so that you can hear the movie.
  8. Make Sure You Pack a Dinner, Snacks, & Beverages Drive-in movie theaters also offer the advantage of bringing food from home. Or you can buy snack foods or money at the concession stand. Due to social distancing restrictions, some drive-ins have closed their concession stands and relaxed their rules on outside food. Be sure to check with the drive-in before you go whether you can bring your snacks. Check the rules before bringing food when you are heading to a Backyard Drive-In Movie Party.

More Tips to Enjoy Drive-In Movie Night

  • Come early to secure the best parking spots.
  • Be sure to leave safely after the show is over.
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.
  • Look out for groups of families when you are parking.
  • Watch out for people when you’re driving and parking.
  • Turn off your dome light or headlights when not necessary.
  • Bring some lawn games (like a football) to play between films.
  • You can park your truck or vehicle backward so you can relax.
  • Respect your environment, clean up after yourself, and don’t litter.
  • Keep in mind that people might smoke and make noise while you are there.

Drive-In Movie Packages at Mega Outdoor Movies

In the United States, drive-in movies are not a new concept. There were over 4,000 drive-ins in the United States in 1958, making it one of the best ways to entertain families at the time. Drive-in theaters reached their peak popularity in the late 1950s and early 1960s, especially in rural areas. At Mega Outdoor Movies, we bring drive-in movies directly to your location. The packages start at $2300.

We Offer Three Sizes of Drive-In Screens

Mega Outdoor Movies offers three commercial Air screen sizes, including a:

  • 30-foot screen
  • 40-foot screen
  • Gigantic 52-foot screen
  • Even a dual 30-foot screen is available so that you can watch one movie on each side or two different movies simultaneously.

The Packages Include:

  • 5000-seat sound systems
  • 12K to 20K lumen projection
  • Professional staff for the entire event
  • FM radios for listening from a vehicle
  • Generators for powering the entire event
  • WIFI audio for listening from your smartphone or tablet (if available)


Drive-in movie theaters used to be used for just watching movies, but that has changed. We can host all your special events, such as weddings, graduations, and corporate events. If you’re looking for a perfect social distancing event, host a Backyard Drive-In Movie Party!

Mega Outdoor Movies can add charm to your movies. Our big screen and HD results will add spice to your event, ensuring a real-time movie experience. With our latest high-end equipment, we’ve become the first choice for customers looking for the best movie experience. Call us today to reserve your Halloween party rental.

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