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You do not need much to turn your garden or terrace into the perfect place for the summer plan and we will prove it. Apart from the beach or the pool, there is a plan that never fails in summer, the open-air cinema. Summer outdoor cinema in garden, It is not clear to us what it has that both children and adults want to enjoy every year without exception the summer cinema of their town, their city or even their neighborhood. It may be to appease and forget about the high temperatures for a while or to be away from home for as long as possible, but the truth is that no one can resist this summer classic.

Outdoor Garden Cinema In Summers

Now, if you have your own garden or terrace at home, and you prefer to avoid the B-side of the summer cinema, you know, the spontaneous commentators, the tall guy in the front row who doesn’t let you see or the queues to make you with a soda  you can set up your own outdoor living room. This is everything you need to create and enjoy your summer cinema at home .


Projection and technical team

First things first, you can’t have a real experience without a big screen. And for this you need a projector . If you want to get a high-quality image, your thing is to invest in one that has at least 3,000 lumens (the total amount of visible light emitted by a light source). This will make the film look bright and sharp. Summer outdoor cinema in garden, Nowadays many projectors are adapted with WiFi and Bluetooth connection so as not to have to connect it to any equipment. In addition, the vast majority have Full HD resolution. Of course, remember to put it on the appropriate support so that the image does not move during projection.


As for the screen, it is clear that the white sheet or the wall of the house is the easiest and cheapest thing you can use, but let’s face it, the experience is not going to be the same. There are many options and quite affordable. If you do not have a suitable wall to hang the screen, you can choose a portable and folding one . This way, you can save it when the weather is not good.


Summer Outdoor Cinema In Garden

Summer Outdoor Cinema In Garden

And, of course, we couldn’t forget about the programming. You can connect the projector to whatever you want, a laptop, a smartphone, the DVD. Summer outdoor cinema in garden, Although the most comfortable is undoubtedly a device like the Amazon Fire TV Stick with which you can play the content in streaming .


Exterior sound system

Picture and sound must be in tune for a complete home theater experience. We can’t pretend to watch a high-resolution movie in the garden with laptop audio. There are many speakers specifically designed for outdoor use. In fact, they are the kings of parties and barbecues with friends. Summer outdoor cinema in garden, To choose the most correct option you must take into account several aspects, whether they are wireless , portable or that you can install near the improvised movie theater and with a Bluetooth connection . In addition to these characteristics, a plus point is that the sound is enveloping and 360º and that they resist water, in case the evening gets out of hand.


Lighting to create atmosphere

You will most likely end up turning off the lights during the movie, but it wouldn’t be a movie theater as such without proper lighting . You don’t need it to be powerful, just a dim light is enough to create the perfect atmosphere. Garlands, lanterns, spotlights or decorative outdoor lamps, especially if they consist of LED bulbs and solar panels, are the best option not only to put the light bulb in your summer cinema, but also a way to save energy and take care of the environment.


The chairs

Although the technical team is the best, if you are not comfortable in your seat, you will hardly be able to enjoy the film. Bet on comfortable pieces that are in tune with the atmosphere created and that you can put another use inside the house. Some floor cushions , a reclining hammock or a pouf will help you relax and let yourself be carried away by the plot of the film.



If you are one of those who cannot go to the cinema without its corresponding bucket of popcorn , it is clear that in your own outdoor living room there must be at least one machine to make them and eat them whenever you want. You can also prepare some delicious hot dogs , very typical in summer cinemas, or a small barbecue. Summer outdoor cinema in garden, And, of course, a fridge to keep your drinks always ready.


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