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Inflatable Screen To A LED Screen?

AIRSCREEN is not an LED screen: therefore the projector is a necessary accessory for the use of these products, a feature could be considered as a disadvantage. Prefer an inflatable screen to a LED screen? Here are a number of reasons why – as our US partners have explained inflatable displays have many advantages when it comes to outdoor events, however.


Without a doubt, the first “criticism” made of inflatable screens is that they can only be used with a sufficient level of darkness, which, for outdoor events, translates into projections after sunset. In this aspect, LED screens do not have any problem: Because they are panels that emit light, they can be used very well in sunlight and that is why they are used frequently.

However, you should bear in mind that its mobility is nil: An LED screen must be fixed to a wall unless you invest more money and work to move it, which is not useful, however. On the contrary, an inflatable screen is easy to transport, it can be inflated and deflated wherever and whenever you want. This is definitely a key feature for companies that want to create dynamic events, such as travel movies, or take advantage of unusual places, such as a beach or a mountain valley.

Prefer An Inflatable Screen To A LED Screen?

Prefer An Inflatable Screen To A LED Screen?

LED Screen Over Inflatable Screen

The second reason is the quality of the image. A projector offers a fuller and much more consistent HD view than an LED screen. In other words, if you want a higher visual quality, you can simply buy or rent a more powerful projector, to offer your viewers a high-performance projection. On the contrary, the LED screen has a number of visual properties that will remain unchanged over time unless you buy another.

Finally, perhaps the most banal aspect, but still of fundamental importance: the cost. An LED screen can cost between 1,000 and 15,000 per square meter, depending on the resolution . The cost could still increase if you choose a Japanese or American brand, or simply due to certain screen features, not counting installation costs. AIRSCREEN inflatable displays, on the other hand, are much lower in cost and still offer quality unmatched among their competitors. Thanks to packages that include a screen, projector and sound system, you will get everything you need for your movie event. In this case, you can use your creativity to take the concept of outdoor cinema to unimaginable levels.


Choosing to save for this type of product is not always convenient: as the proverb says “who spends more, spends less”, so avoid buying a bad brand that puts you in the position of the people in this video ! Don’t risk having to cancel or postpone your event, choose the quality of the industry leader and offer your viewers only the best!

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