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Being in a youth group is all about fun, am I right? The memories made during youth group activities are immeasurable. What if you could incorporate something different, something fresh? What teens don’t like going to the movies? Movies are a staple for most young adults. Your youth group can bring the movies to them, but how? Keeping teens engaged can be challenging at times, but what if you got on their level? Have you ever heard of outdoor movies? If not, you are about to be blown away by the possibilities of Pool Party Ideas to engage your youth group.

What is Mega Outdoor Movies

Mega Outdoor Movie is a screen rental company dedicated to assisting you in creating an unforgettable movie night experience.

Pool party ideas

What are some events my church youth group could host

Drive-In Movie Night.

Provide the children with a safe and fun place to see a movie they love. You can even have them bring chairs and set up an outdoor summer theater.


Pool Party

Does your youth group have a pool party every year? Or would you like to start a fun new tradition? You could place an outdoor projector screen near the pool and have an ultimate pool party the kids would never forget. These pool party ideas will keep everyone entertained and create lasting memories.



Does your youth need to fundraise to go camping or on their next mission trip? Rent a screen and fundraise. You could even sell popcorn and other treats. Movies are a great way to interest the community.


Community Outreach.

Are there only a few fun things to do in your town? Does your youth want to make a difference in the community? Build a community outreach program in a fun way. Get the word out about your place of worship while also bringing life to your community by hosting an inflatable movie night rental.


Make memories with your youth that will leave an imprint on them for years to come. Check out our Blockbuster Screen Package and if that doesn’t suit your needs, remember that Mega Outdoor Movies has numerous screen sizes to satisfy different occasions.


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