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Is your organization getting dull and dull with each passing day? Do you want to make your organization the same happy bashful crew they were in the starting days? Are you a worried HR who’s been trusted with the task of making the office less boring and more fun for everyone? Then Mega outdoor movies have just the idea for you! Here is how you can make work more fun with our outdoor movie screen rental.

Get a professional inflatable movie screen rental company:

Find yourself a reliable company that can provide you with the best projector screen rentals and other equipment. Of course in your case you have Mega Outdoor movies but for those who live outside the US make sure you choose a trustworthy company.

Create an atmosphere where your employees can chill:

The only way to make sure that your team is enjoying their time is by making sure the mood is right. Decorate the area with a theme in mind and don’t miss out on the vendors! They are especially important after all movie without popcorn is no fun, is it?

Luckily you can also get both Lighting Rentals and popcorn machines from Mega Outdoor Movies!

outdoor movie screen rentalChoose a movie that everyone can enjoy:

With so many options available it can become a hectic job to choose a movie but there are some ways you can shortlist the movies that everyone will enjoy. Audience poll, that’s right you can ask the majority of the people to vote on the genre they would like.

Yes, I know no one is free enough to come and vote for the movie ideas. But who said anything about a full-blown election? You can make a box of 4 major genres and place them on the entrance where people entering the building can easily slip a paper into the box of their favorite genre.

Now all you have to do is wait for half day, then calculate or observe which genre got the most votes, and voila! You have a genre that the majority will like. Now choose the top movie of the genre and you are all set for the day.

Hope with these tips you host a wonderful and euphoric event. To contact Mega outdoor movies for outdoor movie rental call tel:310-873-3248 or write an email to

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