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It’s spring and summer is just around the corner! The warm temperatures encourage more outdoor fun, and what is more fun than watching a movie in the garden with family and friends? Movie night in the garden, All it takes is a good garden projector that is particularly durable, comfortable and portable, specifically designed for outdoor use.

Once you’ve decided which movie to watch and which snacks will accompany our garden film festival, it’s time to put on the projector. With good portable models, that’s a matter of a minute, as they have batteries (enough for up to three hours) and even built-in Bluetooth speakers. Good portable projectors are true all-in-one solutions that make our backyard movie session fun and easy .


The four keys to a movie night in the garden

Enjoying a nice movie night outdoors requires doing several things well. There is a lot to consider: from technology to storms. There are four keys to achieving this.


  1. Image


Anyone can take out a huge 4K TV and that’s it, but that’s not the typical summer cinema we’re looking for. As with cinemas (which we won’t have had an easy time attending in 2020), our garden movie night will begin with two crucial components: a garden projector and a screen to project on.

To enjoy the best viewing outdoors, there are two essential elements in a projector: lumens and resolution. By lumens we mean the level of brightness that the projector can produce. Although no two gardens are alike, it will always be necessary to pierce the darkness to show films. Movie night in the garden, The 500 lumens outdoor projectors work great and can display movies on almost any surface at night. A large 1080p Full HD projector or 4K cinema projector is possible, but they may be too bulky for outdoor use and require complex installation. Portable projectors are much better suited to garden use.

Sure, a great 4K HDR projector has some amazing technology but, to be honest, it is a waste to use it outdoors. These projectors are intended for the home theater proper. With a laptop we can continue to enjoy screens of 100 inches or more and, thanks to the compatibility with the native resolution of 720p, in outdoor or garden distances the image quality will be more than acceptable.

Movie Night In The Garden

Movie Night In The Garden

Our backyard movie party would have to be just that: a party. Watching a movie shouldn’t be as complicated as sending a new mission to Mars. The faster we can arrange the installation, the faster we can get down to work with the steak and chorizo ​​on the barbecue. Lightweight, portable projectors install in no time, with a simple hinge adjustment so you don’t have to place them on a stack looking for the right angle.



Although you can use everything from a garage side wall to a simple blanket with portable garden projectors, we can always invest in a specific screen. Outdoor projection screens come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and deployment options. Movie night in the garden, There are them mounted on supports, for exterior walls or fences and even inflatables . The size and type of screen that best suits our garden are determined by the area we want to cover and the environmental conditions. Does air usually run? So, a screen with an anchor system is essential to ensure that movie night is not “gone with the wind.”


We will have to do some research to find the one that best suits our garden and our budget, or opt for something practical like the wall at home. A couple of options to consider for a dynamic use are the folding or inflatable screens. There are even companies that offer screens for rent, just like us . The fact is that with a good portable LED projector, even the walls or the sheets hanging from a tree are very practical solutions and not at all crazy.


  1. Source

Another thing to consider when organizing a garden movie night is the source of our broadcast. Does our projector have multiple options? HDMI is the king of connectors and allows us to connect devices such as a Blu-ray player or a game console. With adequate Wi-Fi coverage, streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV , Roku Streaming Stick, or Apple TV are great, especially since portable projectors have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Apple TV allows you to stream content from an iOS device through AirPlay and connect with our collection of programs in iTunes. Built-in apps like Netflix or Prime Video can also be used on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire to stream content.


  1. Sound

We have already talked about the image and now it is time to see (or should we say listen?) The other part of the equation: the sound. Most garden projectors have built-in speakers rated at around 10 watts, and if that’s not enough, there are plenty of external speaker options available .

When looking for movie sound in the garden, we have to follow the path of wireless technology. Portable projectors have practical Bluetooth speakers that can double as standalone speakers if we just want to listen to music for a bit. There are also waterproof Bluetooth speakers that offer good sound and prevent someone from tripping over the cables (someone is always tripping).


  1. Environment

We must not forget other non-technological aspects so that our movie night in the garden is comfortable. Bug spray, citronella candles, and foggers are good for keeping mosquitoes away. Keep cold drinks and lots of popcorn on hand. Prepare a good barbecue. Movie night in the garden, And finally, respect your neighbors: it’s not about putting an action movie at full blast at dawn and shaking your neighbor’s windows. Let’s bake in advance and, if the movie night in the garden is going to be late, the prudent thing is to notify the neighbors. Or better yet: invite them to share the fun in our garden.

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