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An Outdoor Cinema In the Summers

Watching open-air cinema is not only a cultural activity that allows you to enjoy the warmest months of the year (June, July, August and September): it also encourages social cohesion between people who live in the same town or neighborhood and, in the In the case of companies and institutions, it is a powerful ally for brand image ( branding ) and corporate reputation. An Outdoor Cinema In the Summers, But how do you organize outdoor cinema sessions ? We will see it next.


Why bet on outdoor cinema?

There are many reasons why it is worth considering organizing outdoor cinema sessions, in addition to those described. For example, this type of event is perceived as a playful and festive act, which contributes to associating the name of the organizing company with positive aspects. Likewise, in times of a COVID-19 pandemic , this type of event gives the opportunity to regain a certain sense of normalcy and safely, at a time when cultural and leisure activities have been significantly reduced or restricted.


On the other hand, these sessions tend to have an affordable cost and do not require large investments (except when it comes to drive-ins, which are more sophisticated). All you need is a giant screen , a projector or content player, high-powered speakers and an open space with access to a source of electricity where spectators can distribute themselves, be it an interior patio, gardens, a plaza, a esplanade or even the beach. As for the seats, it is possible to offer folding chairs, although many times it is the spectators themselves who will bring their own seats: beach chairs, cushions, blankets or towels … Of course: due to the coronavirus, it will be necessary to leave a minimum distance of 1.5 m between people.

It should also be noted that any organization or group of people can start this project: a town hall, a cultural association, a neighborhood community, a civic center …


The steps to create a summer cinema

Once the decision is made to organize outdoor cinema sessions, the promoters will have to carry out the following tasks.

An Outdoor Cinema In the Summers

An Outdoor Cinema In the Summers

Choice of movies

First, it will be necessary to determine if our open-air cinema will host only one film or more. In the latter case, it will be necessary to consider whether to opt for a thematic film series, with a common thread between all the selected titles, or whether it is better to opt for shorts or feature films without any relationship between them.

However, the choice of the films to be shown is a fundamental aspect, since this will determine, together with the technical aspects and other organizational issues, the success or failure of this initiative. To get it right, we must consider aspects such as the availability of copies, the price of copyright, the artistic quality of the film, the relationship of the plot with the place and the audience it is aimed at or the type of audience to which it is addressed. that is intended to attract, especially if we have in mind a movie pass for the whole family. For economic reasons, it can hardly be a first-run movie.


The production

The production encompasses the financial, administrative and legal aspects of the project. In other words, it is about obtaining the permits to be able to carry out the pass or passes – for this, you must request authorization from the City Council of the municipality in which the films are going to be broadcast – and make sure that the organizers have the financing necessary to carry out your idea.

The cost of this action not only includes the expenses corresponding to the electricity supply or the possible rental of the space, but also the payment for the copyrights of the projected film, if any, and promotional actions on social networks, e- mailing and other conventional advertising media. If the company already has indoor LED screens , you can take advantage of them to announce this appointment.


One way to cover these costs, if the company does not want – or cannot – allocate the expenses to a previous budget item, is to resort to formulas such as sponsorship, patronage, crowdfunding, charging a small entrance fee to viewers or broadcasting advertising before the screening of the film. To qualify for grants, it will be helpful to identify companies or institutions that are already supporting activities similar to summer cinemas.

It is also essential to obtain the rights to broadcast the film, to ensure that the material has been obtained and disseminated legally and that an authorization is available for this. There are three main ways to do this.

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